International cooperations


Cooperation between international Departments/ Institutions to establish a program of exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to the involved Departments/ Institutions. 

Objectives of the cooperation: 

  • to promote interest in the teaching and research activities of the respective departments/institutions, and 
  • to deepen the understanding at each departments/institution of the economic, cultural and social issues relating to its counterpart. 

Specific goals of the cooperation:

  • to promote institutional exchanges by inviting faculty and staff of the partner institutions to participate in a variety of teaching and/or research activities and professional development, 
  • to receive doctoral students of the partner institution for periods of study and/or research. It is understood that acceptance of any doctoral students will be at the discretion of the departments/institution providing the learning experience, and that any visiting doctoral students will be responsible for his/her own living expenses and will, at all times, be subject to the policies and regulations of the supervising school and community,
  • to organize symposia, conferences, short courses and meetings on research issues, 
  • to carry out joint research and continuing education programs, and 
  • to exchange information pertaining to developments in teaching, student development and research at each department/institution. 

Cooperation between international researchers, scholars & visiting professors

Dr. Qiaofei Liu, Department of General Surgery & Lab of General Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China
Peking Union Medical College & Chinese Academy Of Medical Sciences