Übersicht Abstracts für Kongresse 2012


Nr. Name des Abstracts Autoren Konferenz
1. Hypoxia-induced alterations of VHL-/VHL+ tumor
cells and modulation of angiogenesis by inhibitors
Leisz, Erb, Leich,
Keystone Snowbird
Resort, Utah, USA
2. Hypoxia-induced alterations of renal cell carcinoma
and their modulation by tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Leisz, Erb, Leich,
Müller, Seliger
AACR 2012,
Chicago, USA
3. Effects of sunitinib treatment on the immune cell
populations during long term treatment of renal cell
carcinoma patients
Seliger, Giersberg,
ASCO 2012,
Chicago, USA
4. Flipper: First line pazopanib in poor risk patients
with metastatic renal cell carcinoma
Staehler, Bergmann,
Goebell, Gruenwald,
Schenck, Wirth, Teich-
mann, Rieder, Seliger
ASCO 2012,
Chicago, USA
5. An open-label, multicenter, randomized phase II
study: Sequential therapy with bevacizumab,
RAD001 (everolimus) and tyrosine kinase inhibitors
(TKIs) in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC)
(BERAT study)
Grünwald, Seliger ASCO 2012,
Chicago, USA
6. The regulation of anti-MHC class I antigen
processing components associated with absence
of tumor suppressive activity and enhanced signal
Steven, Leisz, Bukur,
PIVAC Meeting 2012,
Nottingham, UK
10. – 13.09.2012
7. The role of oncogenes, tumor-suppressor genes
and signal transduction pathways in the modulation
of the MHC class I antigen processing pathway in
human tumor cells
Seliger EU-Grant
8. Immune suppressive activity mediated by
oncogenes and loss of tumor suppressor gene
Bukur, Leisz, Steven,
Recktenwald, Hiebl,
SITC Meeting 2012,
Washington, USA
24. - 28.10.2012
9. Differential effects of the tyrosine kinase inhibitors
in T cell growth properties and activity
Stehle, Fahldieck,
Kalich, Schulz,
Riemann, Seliger
SITC Meeting 2012,
Washington, USA
24. - 28.10.2013
10. The molecular mechanisms of MHC class I
abnormalities in tumors: the role of oncogenes,
tumor suppressor genes and beyond
Seliger Melanoma Bridge
2012, Naples, Italy
02. - 04.12.2012 
11. Characterization of Hypoxia-regulated alterations in
the metabolism and protein expression of renal cell
Leisz, Stehle, Erb,
Jasinski, Seliger
ISPDC Meeting 2012
Kyoto, Japan
12. – 13.10.2012
12. The role of oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes
and beyond in MHC class I-mediated immune
escape mechanisms
Seliger Immunotherapy
Meeting 2012
New York, USA
01. – 04.10.2012
13. Immune escape mechanisms: from tumors,
immune cell populations to the microenvironment
and beyond
Seliger ENTIRE Meeting 2012
Belgrad, Serbien
19. – 21.09.2012 
14. Clinical relevance of miR-mediated regulation of
HLA-G expression in renal cell carcinoma
Jasinski, Bukur, Massa,
Hartmann, Braun,
Huettelmaier, Seliger
Antigen Processing
and Presentation in
health and disease
2012, Luxemburg
15. – 16.11.2012
15. Charakterisierung der Expression und Funktion von
Syndekan-2 in humanen Tumoren