Übersicht Abstracts für Kongresse 2013


Nr. Name des Abstracts Autoren Konferenz
1. Effects of RAD001 on the protein expression
pattern and function of tumor and immune cells
Stehle, Schulz, Kalich,
Fahldieck, Seliger
AACR 2013
2. Expression and function of CTLA4 in melanoma Seliger, Wulfaenger,
Biehl, Maio, Calabro,
Chicago, USA
31.05 – 04.06.2013
3. Identification of proteins regulated by targeted therapies and involved in resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors Stehle, Schulz, Kalich, Seliger Proteom Forum Berlin,
17. - 20.03.2013
4. Characterization of Hypoxia-regulated alterations in the metabolism and protein expression of tumor cells Leisz, Stehle, Steven,
Erb, Seliger
Meeting Regensburg,
25. – 27.04.2013
5. Characterization of the altered metabolism in renal cell carcinoma Leisz, Stehle, Schulz,
Erb, Seliger
Meeting Regensburg,
25. – 27.04.2014
6. Modulation of the immune suppressive HLA-G expression by microRNAs – a novel approach for tumor immunotherapy Jasinski, Bukur, Massa, Spath, Hartmann, Seliger SITC Meeting,
Bethesda, USA
04. - 05.04.2013
7. Modulation of the transcription factor CREB as a novel strategy for enhancing immunogenicity of tumor Steven, Bukur, Massa, Seliger SITC Meeting,
Bethesda, USA
04. – 05.04.2013
8. The link between MHC class I abnormalities of tumors, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes and transcription factors Barbara Seliger CITIM Meeting,
Krakow, Poland
21. – 25.04.2013
9. Novel pathways involved in modulating antigen processing Bukur, Gonschorek, Leisz, Mueller, Steven, Seliger CIMT Meeting, Mainz
14. – 16.05.2013
10. Control of non-classical HLA class I antigens by
microRNAs and by RNA-binding proteins
Barbara Seliger GRK1591, für DFG-Antrag mit Prof. Hüttelmaier
11. Modulation of microRNA by oncogenes and signal
pathways involved in melanoma progression and
resistances to targeted therapies
Barbara Seliger GRK1591, für DFG-Antrag mit Prof. Hüttelmaier
12. The role of immune modulatory molecules and their regulators in human tumors Seliger, Jasinski-Bergner, Spath, Gonschorek, Bukur, Hartmann Cancer Immuno-
Meeting, New York
30.09. – 02.10.2013 
13. HLA-G-specific microRNAs a novel approach for
targeting tumors
Jasinski-Bergner, Hartmann, Spath, Huettelmaier, Braun, Bukur, Seliger SITC Meeting, Washington
07.11. – 11.11.2013
14. Distinct strategies of melanoma to evade immune
surveillance and induce resistance to targeted
Barbara Seliger Melanoma Bridge,
05.12. - 08.12.2013
15. The role of microRNA on the immune escape of
human tumors
Barbara Seliger PIVAC Meeting,
02.10. - 04.10.2013
16. Immune escape of tumors controlled by transcription factors, signal transduction pathways and microRNAs Barbara Seliger DSC Symposium,
23.09. – 25.09.2013
17. Characterization of changes within the gene
expression pattern of colorectal cancer cells after
nutrient depletion
Franziska Stehle and Barbara Seliger Alterstagung,
September 2013
18. Molecular mechanisms involved in immune escape of tumors Barbara Seliger Annual Research
Conference, Qatar
24. - 25.11.2013 
19. The role of microRNAs on tumors by shaping immune surveillance and growth properties Seliger, Jasinski-Bergner,
Bukur, Stehle
NIBIT Meeting, Siena
16.10. – 20.10.2013